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The New Boss (Black belt in backhanded compliments) Vz is here to get promoted. Supposedly an environmental specialist, VZ doesn’t care about anything except making his productivity targets, eliminating non-approved practices, getting promoted and getting off this shit hole planet. Ethics? The operations manual doesn’t say anything about ethics.

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Edwina (Ed)

2nd in command Ed was bred to exist in the middle of a hierarchy. She knows what needs doing, and has been the de facto boss since the loss of their previous manager. Her special talent is helping the boss to see how doing the right thing can help him get ahead in his career.

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Head of security Joyce is charged with defending the base from attack and with rounding up stray humans who are resistant to psychic control. Very interested in human culture, and can often be found playing video games online or watching human shows.

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Unofficial replacement for the missing chief technician Mama Shug created Steve to keep the saucers flying and the base humming after the official technical officer went missing. Optimistic and positive to a fault, Steve has lived in the underground base in Antarctica for the whole of his short life.  He’s not human, but he is […]

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Biological Specialist If it’s squishy, gelatinous, edible or has DNA, Derek knows all about it. In addition to processing the “cyto-scrapings,” he helps make the officially approved foodstuffs that Mama Shug provides taste more like actual food. Loves classic gangster movies.

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Mama Shug

    Gray Goo of the Ice with a Thousand Young Mama Shug is the local node of a globe-spanning psychic entity which is the real brains of the multi-species coalition known as “The Consortium.” Mama Shug recycles all biological waste products, extrudes food for the team, and makes new worker drones (Grays) when the […]

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The Grays

  Disposable workers According to Consortium protocols, the Grays are supposed to handle all interactions with humans. They have psychic powers which allow them to render most humans docile. They’re not supposed to have individual personalities, but if allowed to continue working for more than a few weeks without being recycled, some…quirks can arise.

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The Old Gray

Smoker of cigarettes and procurer of coffee Unlike most Grays, the Old Gray doesn’t seem to have an expiration date. For as long as any of the team members can remember, he has sat in the cafeteria smoking cigarettes and drinking coffee. He goes on abduction sorties with the other grays and brings back a […]

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