Edwina (Ed)


2nd in Command

Edwina is a non-reproducing member of a eusocial, insect-like species. She was bred for middle management and finds the idea of promotion to a higher position in the Consortium hierarchy deeply disturbing. Ed knows what needs to be done and has been the de facto boss at the Antarctic base since the loss of their previous manager. Now that Vz-007Z has arrived to occupy the top slot in the local hierarchy, Ed is relieved to have an immediate superior on site. Her special talent is helping the boss to see how doing the right thing can help him get ahead in his career.

Ed is torn. She must do everything in her power to help her boss achieve his career objectives, but she is afraid that he will get promoted and transferred to a more prestigious assignment which would leave her once again as the highest ranking member of the Antarctic team. She never wants to have to look at the world from the apex of the social pyramid. She needs to be in the middle.

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Sensitivity Training

“Remember, they are sentient beings. Try not to call them deplorables, at least not while they’re conscious.”


— Edwina