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Galactic Underground

An extraterrestrial presence is real, and the agents of an interplanetary Consortium monitor us from sites hidden throughout the world. All the while they watch humanity strip mine its planet to fuel the growth of populations and economies.


If there is a plan to avert environmental and social disaster, the aliens operating out of a subterranean base in Antarctica didn’t get the memo. As much as some of them might want to help, the faceless bureaucracy they are part of prevents them from doing so. Rather, they go through the motions of their jobs, which mostly involve abducting people who won’t be missed, subjecting them to probes and other exams, and then eventually returning them to their homes throughout the heartland.


GEBB follows the ongoing activities and periodic adventures of the occupants of this Antarctic base and the ways they cope with boredom and a lack of purpose in their lives through outlets like movies, junk food, video games, recreational drugs, and obsessing over pop culture. Join aliens Vz-7007z, Edwina, Joyce, Derek, cyborg Steve, primordial monster Mama Shug, human serfs Marcus and Pix, and a revolving cast of grays in their quest to find meaning in their lives.

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