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  • winthrop staples
    8th December 2019 at 5:23 pm Reply
    Absolutely fantastic! Exactly what I had in mind when Kevin, you and I discussed doing a strip like this for the PFIR site a few years ago. Kevin just reminded me that you had this going on, and recommended I go through the series to see what I thought. I'll look at all the episodes and tally up the main points you have the characters make and let you know if you've ticked off all of the main ones (I've detected).... regarding the varied hypocrisies of our species (well our "leaders") suicidal behavior toward the environment. There are several,perhaps a dozen, with new even more moronic ones arising every now and then that drive really deep ecologists and wildlife biologists crazy. Which is of course the similar viewpoint of these superior knowledge aliens. But of course these aliens can't get fired from their government or university jobs for saying something not PC so your comic alien characters can tell the brutal "disturbing" or "intolerant" of incorrect viewpoints truth.

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