Mama Shug

mama shug

Globe-spanning Entity

Mama Shug is the local node of a globe-spanning psychic entity which is the real brains of the multi-species coalition known as “The Consortium.” She recycles all biological waste products, extrudes food for the team, and makes new worker drones (grays) when the old ones wear out. She can also create special purpose creatures like Steve. She provides real-time psychic translation for the various team members who come from different worlds and speak a variety of languages. Mama Shug does not have adequate material support from the Consortium to do her job, and she is stretched thin.

weapons of choice




monster's teeth



brain with waves



Mama Shug comic cells

Grand Madame

“Yo, Joyce. The interns are having starvation nightmares. That usually means that Mama Shug needs amino acids. What say you bag another couple of them leopard seals?”


— Derek