Man of Science

Marcus was a graduate student at Miskatonic University. His mentor, Chuck Corridor, disappeared after being attacked by an anti-science mob. Shortly thereafter, Marcus was selected for the annual Miskatonic Antarctic expedition, an “honor” for which he had not applied.

Marcus does not fit the typical Miskatonic mold in that he has no interest in or patience with the esoteric fields of study for which the school is best known. He considers himself to be a man of science and a champion of rationality.

A medusoid parasite attached itself to Marcus and transformed his dreadlocks into snakes which rooted deep into his brain. This induced a state of heightened agitation, but otherwise seems to have done Marcus no lasting harm.

To remove the parasite, Derek had to remove portions of Marcus’s brain. Aside from inducing a baseline state of preternatural calm, missing bits of his brain hasn’t caused Marcus any cognitive impairment, and he  declined further treatment to regenerate the missing brain tissue.

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Under Control

“That’s what happens when you put a scientist in charge. Not some freakin’ professor of occult antiquities!”


— Marcus