Fritz Idaho

Fritz Idaho

Astro Philosophizer

The Consortium aliens don’t use robots or electronic computers. Mama Shug grows the disposable workforce of grays to do all the physical work on the base. She also creates one-off creatures for special purposes, and every now and again, for reasons she keeps to herself, she will produce a replica of Friedrich Nietzsche. Nietzsche’s arrogance and self-importance rub Joyce the wrong way, and all of the previous Nietzsche “clones” met with untimely deaths under improbable circumstances.

The current Nietzsche duplicate, who goes by the name Fritz Idaho, has lasted longer than any of his predecessors. He’s also thinner and healthier than the others. He doesn’t suffer from the original Nietzsche’s physical infirmities, but whether he is any more psychologically robust than the historical original, who suffered a debilitating mental breakdown in his 40s, remains to be seen.

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Sage Wisdom

“The philosopher has to be the bad conscience of his age.”


— Fritz Idaho