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Get your very own GEBB comic book now! You love it online, now you can have the series collected into big bold booklet form.

Available in two formats:

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GEBB Comic Book Issue #3

3 Comic Book Bundle

BEBB comic book cover issue #2

GEBB Comic Book Issue #2

GEBB cover issue #1

GEBB Comic Book Issue #1

Skirmisher Publishing and artist KMO have created a set of downloadable “GEBB Cardstock Characters™” miniatures inspired by the comic! It is available at DriveThruRPG, DriveThruComics, and WargameVault by itself for $2.99 and in a number of discounted thematic bundles. This set includes figures of aliens Vz-7007z, Edwina, Joyce, Derek, the Old Gray, Leftie, and two regular Grays; cyborg Steve; human serfs Marcus and Pix; and even a large model of primordial monster Mama Shug. All of them are provided in two sizes. This title also includes assembly instructions, an illustrated Intro to GEBB, an overview of the storyline, and biographies of the characters.

GEBB Cardstock Characters™ can be found at: