Mr. Insincerity / the Boss

Vz is the new chief executive at the Antarctic base. He doesn’t care about the Earth or its inhabitants. His only goal is to return the base to operational efficiency and thereby secure his next promotion and transfer to a more prestigious assignment. He is not bothered by the fact that the only way the team can meet their productivity goals is to violate Consortium protocols. He knows that he will take the credit for success and that Edwina, his second in command, will take the blame if the team is caught cheating.

Vz’s academic training is in ecology and environmental science, but the environmental crisis on Earth does not interest him. He chose his field of study because he knew that the Consortium management clan likes to recruit from the planetary ecology department at Glorb Gozortium University, not because he had any interest in that field of study.

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Company Man

“Perhaps you’re not as incompetent as you seem.”


— VZ